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TQ Ba Na Hills tour


Thượng đế
Ba Na Hills Tour from Da Nang explores Da Nang's most famous attractions. Ba Na Hills is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and unique European-style architecture. Specifically, if you come to Bana, you can experience the changing of the four seasons in just one day.

Are there anything interesting in the Ba Na Hills tour?

The Ba Na Hills are home to many beautiful natural landscapes, stunning works of European architecture, events and festivals. So when tourists come to Da Nang, they often book a tour of Ba Na Hills to see the most interesting things. Discover and experience here.
+ Admire the majestic natural scenery, the unique architectural works such as Golden Bridge, French Village, Sun God Waterfall….
+ Experience the changing weather of 4 seasons of the year in just 1 day.
+ Enjoy hundreds of delicious dishes with attractive flavors prepared by top chefs in Vietnam and around the world.
+ Explore countless new and exciting games at Fantasy Park.

Ba Na Hills Tour Price

+ Ba Na Hills Tour Price: 55$ per person
+ Ba Na Hills Tour from Hoi An: 62$ per person
+ Bà Nà Hills Tour no Buffet: 41$ per person
+ Children policy
  • Under 1 metre: Free ticket
  • From 1 – under 1.4 metre: 75% adult ticket
  • From 1.4 metre: 100% adult ticket