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HN Tennessee Fans Got Their Way. Now the Chickens Have Fully Come Home to Roost


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Upon near-final review, how does the Great Populist Revolt of 2017 look now, Tennessee fans?How successful was the vigilante charge to take back our program, resulting in the hiring of an empty suit athletic director and a dim bulb coach who not only lost, but cheated with abandon?How does it feel, nearly five years later, to know that you greased the skids for what now definitively can be called the worst football hire of the 21st century in the Southeastern Conference? At least Chad Morris just lost; he didnt leave Arkansas facing major sanctions, too. Go paint it on your rock: We Blew It With Pruitt. Tennessee fired Pruitt in January 2021 amid an investigation. Randy Sartin/USA TODAY SportsThe final bill is coming due on the fan tantrum that led to the firing of AD John Currie, the hiring of Phillip Fulmer to replace him, and the subsequent decision to bring aboard Jeremy Pruitt as the football coach. And the cost keeps going up. The bottom line: a 1619 recordand a whopping 18 NCAA Level I violations levied in a notice of allegations that was delivered Friday. Good job, good effort. You listen to a fanboy media grifters bright ideas on how to run a football program, this is where it leads you nearly five years later. You disrupted the attempted hire of Greg Schiano, trumping up a dishonest moral outrage. The real issue was whether Schiano could win in the SEC, not what he knew or didnt know about the monster Jerry Sandusky while on staff at Penn State. You get your way, which only adds to the power trip. You push for Curries ouster when hes on the cusp of landing Mike Leach from Washington State, with Fulmer positioned to benefit from a second Rocky Top palace coup. A comfort hire with nothing to recommend himself for the AD job other than being a beloved former coach and player, Fulmer called the oldest play in the SEC playbookhiring someone off Nick Sabans staff. Except Fulmer found the one who couldnt win Latrell Bumphus Jersey. Pruitt was a rube who was pulled along in the SabanKirby Smart jet stream and unprepared to be a head coach.